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          Qianjin Electronics was founded in April 2010, is a new generation of supply chain is a company specializing in import agent service brand connector.Provide fast and flexible service for users to spot production.The main JST, TE, MOLEX, KET, YAZAKI, DEIPHI, HRS, SUMITOMO Yazaki Sumitomo industries top brand connector.Service user groups mainly household appliances, automobiles, industrial equipment and other fields of production enterprises.The daughter of electronic since its establishment is ready to provide the ultimate service experience for the user.The time for customers to create value" is a service concept.For the import of connector industry over a long period, has many characteristics of quantity, daughter electronic created using spot pattern to match user needs production.For the "model" "small number" "short time" of the sample and the stages of demand, gold in small quantities to provide online ordering service for the original user in this aspect of the helpless.  

           For the electronics industry to provide convenient and efficient supply chain service "is the daughter of electronic vision.Let China using dedicated business users can conveniently from the world's most high-quality connector products.The daughter is provided with a plurality of electronic warehouse in all parts of the country, the existing spot models over more than 20 thousand models.With the information system of efficient and convenient logistics network.Most of the original 60~90 days delivery are shortened to 3 days.A spot electronic application mode of the Internet combined with the reservoir model, communication bridge with information tools, grab time for customers to race against time, all our efforts are required in order to allow users to get.

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