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Efficiency promotion

Many varieties and small batch, few varieties and large quantities

Can one stop complete

Prompt delivery, delivery on time

Cost saving

Preferential material price, quick handling and delivery

Save time cost and stock cost, reduce stock sluggish cost

Ensure that users enjoy the best service at least cost


Inventory reduction

Enjoy the zero stock model in advance in stock

Reduce the stagnant risk of a large stock backlog

Make the capital turnover more efficient and flexible

professional services

Professional customer service online, help users to solve from type selection matching,

Quotation, information certification, logistics follow-up, account opening,

A series of questions, such as consulting, etc.

Convenient and quick

Ali, Taobao, WeChat, spot information online instant query

1pcs for sale, unlimited model, unlimited quantity

Four professional consultants online, quick response to user needs


Flexible maneuver

First use later or foreign purchase, flexible cooperation mode

The day lightning shipments, the sluggish materials sell out

A variety of payment methods under the line and line, 

 the account period is accurate and convenient

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