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           There are nearly 100 kinds of connectors used in the general car, and there are about hundreds of connectors used in a single model. So there are so many kinds of local companies that have no economic strength and technical strength. In recent years, along with the people to the automobile safety, environmental protection, comfort, intelligence requirements more and more high, the application of automobile electronic products is increasing, such as car audio systems, car navigation systems, airbags, ABS systems, car cable network, which will make the number of car connector application presentation growth situation. It is estimated that every car will use 600-1000 electronic connectors in the future, far greater than the amount used today.

            In view of the electronic market is currently out of stock, the price, the era of science and technology change rapidly, the daughter of the electronic application mode and the Internet combined with spot reservoir model, communication bridge with information tools, grab time for customers to race against time, all our efforts are required in order to allow users to "the".

  • Material digestion and zero storage

    In view of user side process change, design change, prediction uncertainty or order change, sluggish material is produced. Qianjin helps customers to clear up warehouse quickly, so that customers can enjoy zero storage cost and flexible fund turnover mode.

  • Exit period of pin removal

    The stitches in the specified position are removed, the spacing between the holes is enlarged, the risk of short circuit (high voltage breakdown) is reduced, and the high cost and long delivery time are saved.

  • Rich and environmentally friendly

    It adopts the world's top environmental protection dyestuffs, which is rich in color and reliable in quality. It is in line with UL, ROHS International Index and SGS certification report. The perfect processing flow and quality control system provide professional services.

  • High efficiency and high efficiency

    Professional logistics team, efficient distribution system, day out single delivery, race and time race, emergency order 100% speed treatment, time limit delivery.

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