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Differentiating the common mother of the connector so easy~

Release time: 2018-01-05 Writer:admin



For the common and mother side of the connector, many newcomers in the connector industry do not understand how the common
end of the connector is distinguished from the parent. Let's look at the following connector





Do the parents look at the picture whether the connector is a public or a parent?



In order to help people better understand, I refer to some examples on Wikipedia


In electronic and mechanical industries, whether for convenience of trade or manufacturing,connectors or some fasteners are usually
designed to be both a common and a parent. In general,the role of the mother end is to receive and accept the public. Such a design
is similar to the XX organ of the human body.One or even multiple protrusions, or a section that can be inserted into other parts, is called
the common end,and the reverse, or the concave, is called the mother end. So, in the name, the 2 words (both Chinese and English) are
used directly.



Sometimes, especially the electronic power connector, the female nature of connectors is determined by some rigid rules,mainly in order
to emphasize one-way flow. (for example, when the current flows from one device to another),the function of the connector's motherhood
is to enhance safety or ensure the normal operation of the device,so as to prevent some unsafe factors from happening or inappropriate
connections. For example, most of the power plug type.


In mathematical graphics theory, the power network routing plug (male) is connected to the socket (mother),and from
the outlet to the fixed direction, corresponding to the connector,it flows from the parent end to the public end. So,
the power outlet of the mother end is for the sake of security.


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