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Domestic and foreign well-known automobile harness Enterpris

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        The car harness is the main body of the car's circuit, and it is a connection component of the automotive electrical system.Wiring harness is a
component that is made of copper material, which is made by punching contact material terminal (connector) to be pressed bycopper material, then
pressed to connect wire and cable, and then outside plastic pressing insulator or external metal shell. The running conditions and parameters of a
car are intuitively reflected on the on-board computer through wiring harness.It can be called the nervous system of a car, so it has always been called
the "blood vessel" of a car. The electronic technology content of the car harness has gradually become an important index for evaluating the perform
ance of the automobile.


        In 2013, the global car harness market was 40 billion 300 million US dollars, up 2.3% from 2012,and the market size is expected
to reach 41 billion US dollars in 2014, up 1.6% from 2013.


There are many reasons for the slow growth of the wire harness market.

>The two largest Japanese car harness manufacturers Yazaki (YAZAKI) and Sumitomo Electric (SUMITOMO LECTRIC) have a total market share
of  more than 50%.

>FUJIKURA and FURUKAWA ELECTRIC,The Japanese enterprise harness enterprises occupy more than 60% of the market share.

>Three wire harness companies in Korea (KYYNGSHIN INDUSTRIAL), comba Luo Yu (YURATECH), leisurely into accounted for nearly 15% share;

>The rest of the market share in Europe and the United States Lenny (LEONI), Delphi (DELPHI), Lear (LEAR), PKC (PKC),
Arbenz Begg (KROMBERG-SCHUBERT), Krolopp (COROPLAST) occupied.


With the mass listing of high quality automotive connectors, the technical threshold for car harness has been reduced.

>At present, there are many automobile wiring harness manufacturers in China, but most of them are small in scale,
backward in production equipment, low in quality, and single in supporting vehicles.Most of them are supporting
some independent brands. The more outstanding is Kunshan Tianhai group, Shanghai, Liuzhou and China Airlines flying.


>For the relatively large size of some brands, such as BYD, the Great Wall, Geely has its own dedicated to supporting
the production of wire harness factory such as automotive wiring harness is mainly provided by the the Great Wall car's
Baoding Mandela Auto Parts Co. Ltd., BYD by BYD group fifteenth business department supplies automotive wire harness,
Geely Automobile, Geely Hoda automobile electric appliance supply.


>Some domestic and foreign joint venture vehicle factories have higher requirements for wire harness. The selected
wiring harness manufacturers are still sole proprietorships or joint ventures of international giants in China, such as
living electric power suits for Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Honda, Nantong friends star supporting Ford, etc.


The reason why the car harness market presents such a pattern is that the car harness manufacturer has its particularity:


First of all, we must have the cable production experience and the cable cost control. Sumitomo, Yazaki, Lenny, Furukawa,
Fujikura, Keluo Pu, Kyungshin are based on wire and cable manufacturers started. At the same time, most of these manufacturers
have the upstream mining resources, Sumitomo and the ancient river have their own copper mines, and the cost control is better.
Online auto parts manufacturers beam field of traditional does not have too many advantages, Valeo put wire harness business
to Lenny. The second is automotive connector manufacturers technical ability, Fujikura connector technology is very good,
Yazaki and Sumitomo also have a strong technical strength.


Once again, it is very good to cooperate with the vehicle manufacturers. The harness is very decisive for the quality stability.
Once the manufacturer is determined, it is difficult to replace the supplier. At the same time, the design of the harness vehicle
involves many factors, such as electronics, machinery, heat distribution and so on. We must cooperate with the vehicle
manufacturers, so it is difficult for small manufacturers to enter the supply chain at this level. The harness needs to be
improved continuously after the test. Delphi and Lear are growing by years of matching with the vehicle plant.


Here are some famous manufacturers of car harness:

Foreign brands


矢崎(YAZAKI)- 日本
Annual output: USD 11 billion 720 million
Supporting customers: Audi, Ford, GM, TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan, SUZUKI, Tianjin FAW TOYOTA, FAW Charlie, Beijing modern, Beijing jeep and so on

Annual output: USD 9 billion 661 million
Supporting customers: Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, BMW, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, TOYOTA, Nissan, Honda, MITSUBISHI, SUZUKI, Mazda, etc.

Annual output: USD 5 billion 508 million
Supporting customers: general, Fiat, Volkswagen, modern, the Great Wall, Mercedes, BMW, etc.

Annual output: USD 3 billion 25 million
Customer support: Audi / Volkswagen, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, GM, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Skoda etc.

Annual output: USD 2 billion 220 million
Supporting customers: Audi, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Shanghai general, Beijing modern, Shenlong Automobile, Dongfeng Automobile, Chery, Gili, Jiangling, Changan and so on

Annual output: USD 1 billion 260 million
Customer support: Volkswagen, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, SUZUKI, etc.

Annual output: USD 1 billion 250 million
ustomer support: TOYOTA, Nissan, SUZUKI, Mazda, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Ford, GM and other

Annual output: USD 1 billion 136 million
Supporting customers: KIA, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai etc.

Annual output: USD 1 billion 100 million
Supporting customers: Volkswagen, Ford, GM, TOYOTA, Honda and so on

Annual output: USD 400 million
Supporting customers: Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, GM, Ford and so on

裕罗(YURATECH)- 韩国
Annual output: USD 360 million
Customer support: modern, KIA etc.

Annual output: USD 330 million
Supporting customers: Volkswagen, general-purpose, Huachen, modern, Ford and so on

Joint venture brand

德尔福派克(DELPHI PACKARD)-中美合资
Annual output: RMB 8 billion 600 million
Supporting customers: Shanghai general, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Changan Ford, SAIC Group, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng logo, Chery, Jianghuai and so on

Annual output: RMB 3 billion 600 million
Supporting customers: Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Honda engine, Honda China, China wide steam TOYOTA, Japanese Honda, Japanese Nissan, American Honda and so on

Annual output: RMB 1 billion
Customer support: Japan TOYOTA, FAW TOYOTA, Anhui Jianghuai, hippocampus, Hafei, Changan SUZUKI, Shenyang Jinbei etc.

Annual output: RMB 1 billion
Supporting customers: Shenlong company, Changan Ford, Dongfeng Group, Geely car, Volvo automobile, etc.

Annual output: RMB 500 million
Supporting customer: Hyundai, Daewoo, Chevrolet, TATA, general Lear, Fuzhuo, Valerie Buster, Peugeot, Beiqi, Shaanxi, ZTE, Weichai Power, SAIC GM Wuling

Annual output: RMB 300 million
Customer support: FAW TOYOTA, FAW Xiali, Changhe SUZUKI etc.

Annual output: RMB 650 million
Customer support: Isuzu, Ford, SUZUKI, Geely and other Changan transit

Independent brand


Annual output: RMB 3 billion 600 million
Supporting customers: FAW, Dongfeng, the Great Wall, Chery, general motors, Chrysler, Fiat, etc.

Annual output: RMB 700 million
Supporting customers: SAIC general Wuling, Dongfeng Liuzhou, Guilin Daewoo bus, Guilin bus, Guangxi Liugong, Liuzhou special automobile factory (FAW) and so on

Annual output: RMB 650 million
Customer support: FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Chery, JAC, SAIC Huizhong etc.

Annual output: RMB 531 million
Supporting customers: Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, Shanghai automobile, Cummins Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Japan Komatsu Cummins, Volvo Motor China, etc.


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