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TE: Interpretation of data center connector trends, innovati

Release time: 2018-06-26 Writer:admin
The rapid spread of cloud services and big data in all industries drives the rapid growth of the data center industry. The future architectural direction of telecommunications networks will also be centered on data centers. This is not only for the main equipment such as servers and switches, but also for data centers. Internal and external connections make higher demands.
TE Connectivity (TE) showcased innovative connectivity solutions for two key applications in the data center and consumer mobile devices at the 2017 Shanghai Munich Electronics Show. Two senior executives from the TE data and terminal equipment division also attended The visiting media shared its trends in the connection and sensing of the cloud era.
"As a hardware supplier, TE not only needs to meet customer needs, but also to predict their needs one step ahead of the time, so as to help customers get ahead in the market. Based on our own professionalism, we pay close attention to the development trend of the data center. And we insist on investing in innovation and R&D. This is our strength and what our customers want us to do.” Jason, vice president of TE Connectivity, general manager of Asia and Europe, data and terminal equipment division, and chairman of the joint committee of China’s business divisions Merszei said in the face of C114.
Data Center Connector Trends
Despite the relatively large number of bases, third-party data show that the domestic data center market is still growing rapidly at a rate of about 40% in the past two years, and will continue to increase in the next few years. On the other hand, as new businesses and new citations emerge in an endless stream, the task and status of the data center are becoming more and more serious. The requirements for data center capabilities of all walks of life are also getting higher and higher.
Jason pointed out that in the field of data center connectivity, there are also various new industry trends, which TE has summarized as high-speed and miniaturization: "As companies move their business to the cloud and new cloud-based services continue to emerge, demand cloud supply. Businesses have shorter design cycles and lower costs; in the mobile broadband field, 5G will be launched by 2020, and the network speed will reach 10 Gbps or more; video data flow and social networks will increase the bandwidth significantly; the process of the Internet of Things will continue to accelerate. The number of connected devices in a generation network will increase."
“At the same time, the density of data center infrastructure continues to increase, the connection between the internal components of the equipment is becoming more and more compact, and connectors are required to be compact. In addition, as far as sensors are concerned, it is also necessary to be ubiquitous. miniaturization."
As a leader in connectivity and sensing, TE is focused on working with customers to face trends and challenges and solve their problems. According to reports, TE Data and Terminal Equipment Division's business focuses on the data center, communications equipment market, and some consumer segments, providing the broadest portfolio of products and solutions to support all customer connection needs. Its fiscal year 2016 globally Sales amounted to one billion U.S. dollars.
“Why choose TE? We have a diverse product portfolio that includes not only backplanes, cables, but also various products used in data communications and consumer applications to provide one-stop service and integrated supply. The opportunity of the business group.At the same time, thanks to the investment in high-speed connection, thermal simulation, structural reliability and other specialized fields, we can help customers deal with current trends and challenges.In addition, we have more than 7,000 engineers worldwide We work together with our customers' engineers to design and develop new technologies to promote innovation. TE's own engineers who have accumulated across multiple industries and who have football all around can also continue to provide support for the expansion of customer business,” Jason said.
Innovative solutions meet future needs
At this year's show, the transparent booth of the TE booth equipped with core products became the focus of the audience. In this first rack meeting with the Chinese audience, TE demonstrated a series of innovative connectivity solutions for wireless and data center applications, including 6RU switches, 1RU microQSFP switches, 2RU servers, 2RU HD servers and 3RU memory. Other data center interconnect products on display include LGA 3647 sockets and hardware, 100G external cable STRADA Whisper DPO backplane connectors, power and I/O connectors, Impact connectors, and STRADA Mesa connectors.
"With these product portfolios and advanced systems, we are able to meet the high-speed, scalable, space-saving, low-power, and better-dissipation connection requirements of next-generation data centers." Senior Manager, Technology Applications, Asia Pacific, TE Connectivity Data & Terminal Equipment Group Robbie Xu told C114.
He highlighted the microQSFP connector with excellent thermal performance - microQSFP can achieve the same outstanding performance as the QSFP28, but it is smaller than the QSFP28, the same as the SFP, and provides better thermal performance to save energy. At the same time, the product line not only improves the electronic performance, reaching 25Gbps per channel, but also increases the contact density by 33% over QSFP to accept more ports on a single standard line card.
“The volume of standard I/O connectors in traditional equipment and the external heat sink limit the increase in its data throughput. The microQSFP breaks this limitation and incorporates the concept of a heat sink into the terminals and connectors. This is not a whim, but there is a lot of Simulation and test data support, the final result has indeed achieved a significant increase in heat dissipation.” Through the integration of devices and devices, TE helps a domestic supplier to increase the capacity of transmission equipment to 400G.
Cloud technology not only leads the future development of enterprise-class data centers, it also provides support for various consumer mobile devices. At the exhibition site, TE also demonstrated a series of compact, high-performance and reliable consumer mobile device interconnection products, such as HSIO One Connector Solution and USB Type-C connector, antenna connector, and power connector for VR devices. And so on, to meet the unique engineering design challenges of mobile devices such as large data volume and continuous operation.

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