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2018 connector market development four major points

Release time: 2018-07-06 Writer:admin
After 2010, the global connector market rebounded rapidly. It mainly benefited from the continuous development of downstream data communication, computer and peripheral, consumer electronics, automobile and other downstream industries. The global connector market demand continued to grow, and the market size was generally expanding. Connector, as a key component of current or signal connection, is also an important part of industrial system. As large as aircraft, rockets, small to cell phones, TV, connectors are all in different forms, bridges between circuits and other components, bearing the role of current or signal connections.
The sales of connector industry increased to $62 billion in 2017, and in 2018, it is still optimistic from the prediction of major industry organizations. From the perspective of the development trend of the 2018 connector, what aspects should be paid attention to?
Rapid development of 5G communication
China has actively developed the 5G network, which means a new giant cake is waiting for the Chinese and foreign telecom equipment merchants to "cut down". Many communications equipment manufacturers have participated in the investment and testing of 5G. This means that the domestic industry has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain, including HUAWEI, Datang, ZTE, HSI, love. Li Xin, NOKIA, SIEMENS, Motorola, Shanghai Baer and other domestic and foreign telecommunications equipment manufacturers have launched commercial or pre commercial products. Core network, fiber optic cable, wiring equipment first benefit, access network equipment is second, after the network optimization, test equipment and network management software, terminal, operators benefit from the time series slightly later, value-added services and operation and maintenance service providers last benefit.
The development of 5G has greatly increased the demand for connectors. The demand for high-end coaxial RF connectors, RF antennas, optical fiber connectors, QSFP and high-speed backplane connectors is increasing.
Space aviation connector demand
During the "13th Five-Year", the state will continue to increase the support of the space industry. With the promotion of manned space engineering (603698) and the lunar exploration project, the Beidou navigation industry is rising, and it is expected to launch a hundred arrows. The shortage of national defense construction in China determines that the investment in national defense construction will continue to maintain a relatively high growth in the future. It is estimated that the state investment in aerospace, military electronics and other fields will achieve a compound growth of 20% in the next 5~10 years. At present, China is speeding up the modernization and information construction of the armed forces. The rapid growth of new equipment demand will make the military connector market expand rapidly.
In 13th Five-Year, the market of domestic military connector market reached 9 billion annually. With the increase of national support for high and new technology industries such as aviation, space, information, transportation and other high-tech industries during the "12th Five-Year", the demand for high-end electrical connectors in the domestic market will rise strongly. In 2011, the market capacity of domestic military connectors accounted for about 6% of the total capacity (by the amount), and its sales volume was about 4 billion 300 million yuan. It is estimated that the size of China's military connector market will reach 9 billion yuan every year during the period of 13th Five-Year.
Demand stability for smart mobile terminals, such as smart phones
Smart products show a lighter, higher performance, more functionality, and longer endurance, which will require a smaller size, a wider frequency of work, and a higher transmission speed. In recent years, the rapid development of wearable devices and Internet of things has brought new demands for connector industry, especially for FPC products.
In the background of light, thin, short and small design of electronic products, the FPC market has a broad prospect. In recent years, all kinds of high-tech electronic products have been using this technology, such as digital cameras, digital cameras, automobile satellite orientation devices, LCD TV, writing computer and so on, especially in mobile phones and so on. The application of the field is especially wide.
Automotive and industrial connectors or opening up new space for growth
With the global restrictions on fuel vehicles, the development of new energy vehicles is very fast. Especially in China, becoming a new energy vehicle powerhouse has become a national strategy. The implementation of industrial 4 and "made in China 2025" requires higher demand for industrial connectors. The automotive and intelligent manufacturing connector market will become the world's largest connector mayor.
The car field is expected to open new growth space. Automotive innovation is mainly in automotive electronics. With the popularity of new energy vehicles, ADAS, driverless and vehicle networking in the future, the proportion of automotive electronics will continue to improve. The strong growth of automotive electronics will drive the penetration rate up. By 2020, the penetration rate of automotive electronics will increase to more than 50% from the current 30%.
The demand for the connector market is still growing. As the level of China's smart manufacturing, the integrity of the supply chain, the overall demand for the Chinese connector market is growing rapidly, leading to a large lead in the rest of the world. This trend is very helpful for China's connector enterprises to become bigger and stronger and improve the level of R & D and manufacturing. This is extremely important for achieving the goal of "made in China 2025" in an all-round way, improving the level of China's science and technology and the healthy development of the country's name economy.

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